Have you felt dreaded seeing the mess in your closet? Confused everyday what to wear in between so many outfits? Decided to keep the clothes bought now in the carry bag itself as you cannot find a space in your closet?

If this is one of your situations, then you definitely need to de-clutter your wardrobe. It is not only because you need more space in it, but it also helps you get into a mental space and it not only clears your wardrobe but also your mind.

Some of the easy steps as to get going with this process,

 TIME IS ALL YOU NEED In today’s hustling world, none of us have the time to do give your closet some time. Don’t depend on the maid to clean it; she won’t know your everyday ward-robe crisis. Set aside some personal time, may be on weekends and give your closet some personal attention.

 MAKE BOXES ASSIST YOU Put together some cartridge boxes or garbage covers; they will help you in differentiating your clothes. You will mainly need 3 boxes (Keep, Toss and Donate), but I suggest add 1 more (Laundry or Tailor).

 START WITH THE PILE Pull out all the clothes into one big heap (make sure you spread a newspaper before). Empty all the contents of each section separately like keep the clothes separate from accessories. Start segregating them into the boxes.

It’s not going to end there, because the most crucial part is deciding which outfit goes into which box.

You’re not done here, after cleaning it once you cannot start messing up again after some days. These are some of the ways you can organize your de-cluttered wardrobe.

- Stack it according to colors and categories. Organize it by arranging your clothes into categories and colors, like a ray of t-shirts followed by casual shirts later formal shirts. This will help you to easily choose what you want to wear.

- Hangers and Hooks. Keep uniform hooks and hangers, you will have it in different shapes and sizes but make sure at least it looks alike. As soon as you empty it, hang it in the front with other empty hangers rather than leaving it between those clothes.

- Folded and Arranged. Arrange the trousers and jeans according to the colors. Keep the folds neat and clean rather than just rolling it and dumping.

- Some extra care with belts and ties. Hang them neatly on the hooks or roll them well and store in the drawers. Do not let them lay around just the way it was removed (with the tie knot) as it will affect the shape.

- Keep away the dirty clothes. Than dumping all the unwashed clothes together in a corner use bags which will keep the light, dark and dry cleaning clothes separately.

- Accessories and its care. Keep all of them sorted according to your priority, well arranged in the drawers. Make sure you dust them once in a while though you do not use them frequently.


Now your organized wardrobe will save you lots of time and you can straight away pick the pieces you will wear and climb up the confident ladder to achieve success.


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