The most precious content of a man’s wardrobe are his jackets and most importantly, “THE LEATHER JACKET”. After shopping for it so passionately and investing so much on it, looking at the jacket with stains and cracks, definitely gives anyone a heart attack. Buying a jacket is easy but maintaining it is not an easy task.

Here are some of the methods to keep your jackets away from stains, cracks and look like a brand new piece always.

1. Understanding your jacket

All leathers are not the same; some are made up of cowhide, buckskin, sheepskin and many other sources. Have a good glance at your wash care label, in which the clear instructions are available. By following it properly, maintaining the jacket will get easier.

2. A Leather Conditioner is a must have

The best leather jacket deserves a good leather conditioner to keep it away from stains, make it water resistant and strong without cracks. Using spray conditioners help to control the quantity of conditioner when you are applying.

After spraying, use a cloth or sponge to rub on the surface as the conditioner can penetrate deeper into the leather material. Once done, dry the jacket in room temperature until it is completely dry before keeping it in your wardrobe.

3. Turning it soft again

After a couple of months leather starts to take in moisture and stiffens on the surface.It also becomes brittle and starts forming cracks. By rubbing baby oil or petroleum jelly on its surface once in a while keeps it smooth and soft for a longer time.

4. A machine wash is always challenging​

A gentle dip in soap water is always recommended, whereas if washing in the machine is what you prefer then, it should be done with great care. Put it along with your other clothes (which do not bleed color) while keeping it zipped and inside out.

From this the absorption of water will be less. A delicate cycle of cold wash along with a normal laundry detergent would do the job. Dry it with drying sheets at medium heat or flat dry it. As this is a hideous task, using professional dry-cleaning help is the best.

5. Keep a special place in your wardrobe

Leather jackets should always be kept in hangers that are used for padded jackets.Make sure it is completely dry before putting it in your wardrobe. Let it dry by itself naturally, do not use tumble dryer or hair dryer to quicken the process as heat may damage the material and form cracks on it. Store it in room temperature which is not under direct light.

6. For all ugly stains and patches

For small visible grease stains, talcum powder is the best. Use alcohol for ink stains and for small marks an artist’s eraser will suffice. While using all these make sure you use a soft cloth and rub it gently as the leather material is very delicate.

“IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE, YOU HAVE TO RAISE YOUR STANDARDS” A leather jacket is considered to be the heart of a man’s wardrobe. Taking good care of it will not only make it look as good as new but also will make you look effortlessly stylish.

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