The shoes are always an integral part of styling a complete look. To make a ravishing lifestyle you invested on all those expensive customized pairs but do you really know how to take care of them? Without proper maintenance and care, any product will lose its value and so do these shoes.

Here are some shoe care tips on how to keep your shoes as good as new.

1. Storage

A good care should be taken in storing the shoes than just keeping it arranged in your shoe rack. Each pair is different, thus needing separate care. Use shoe horns, newspapers and tissue papers to keep the shoe shape intact and odor free.

Leather Shoes- store it in shoe bags and air-dry it after use. Do not dry it using heater as it allows the leather to crack.  Suede Shoes- always store them in open places with fresh air and moisture free atmosphere. Use suede protector sprays regularly to maintain the appearance of the shoes. Canvas and Trainer shoes- Keep the shoes for air-dry after its use and later store it by stuffing newspapers in it (make sure the ink is non-transferable, you would not want to see its print later on shoes.

2. Polishing

Shiny shoes attract everyone’s attention and so does it give your confidence a lift. That does not mean you polish it when you’re about to leave for work, they not only attract more dirt but also harm the shoes in a long run.

First brush it with a horse hair brush to get rid of all the dirt and dust. Use a damp cloth and wipe it clean, let it dry for a while. Polish it with generous amount of wax or liquids according to your choice. Brush it again or use a cloth to give the shine.

Let it dry overnight.

Note :- Polish your shoes when you’re sure of not wearing it the next day as it allows the polish to get along well and stay longer.

3. Common Tips

To remove stains use vinegar and water solution, wipe it with tissue paper and allow it to air-dry. Swap shoes regularly as it increases the durability of the shoes. Use shoe horns to maintain the shape of the shoe and absorb the bad odor from it. Wax polishes keep the shoes more durable than liquid as they are used only for instant shine and polishing.

“The man who has confidence in himself gains confidence in others”

With these simple tips and techniques you can surely put your best foot forward and raise your grooming skills to the next level. When you invest in this footwear which always supports your outfit, why not take a good care of it. Shoes are a part of your confidence wear them like only you own it.

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