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Who does not like sunglasses..? Be it for cool dude swag or a handsome hunk. It is the essential accessory for a man’s wardrobe. While choosing your sunglasses, you always wear it and then buy. But, how do you know whether it suits you or whether it is your perfect pair?

Here is a guide suggesting which sunglasses suit your face shape.

1. Round Face If you are one among the round faces then aviators are your best friends. To make your cheeks look slimmer and enhance your jaw -line, angular sunglasses are mostly preferred.

Your must haves: Brow-line, Wayfarers and square frames.

2. Oval Face

You are the luckiest, as any type of frames suit Oval faces well. Oval shape is considered to be the perfect face shape as it has a well defined jaw-line. You can experiment with all sorts of colors and shapes (mind your skin tone).

Your must haves: All types of Basic Frames.

3. Square Face This face shape is defined by wide cheekbones and strong jaw-line. To balance this type,rounded frames are to be worn. By opting for round sunglasses, the sharp angular face features are balanced.

Your must haves: Club-masters, Round frames and Aviators.

4. Oblong or Elongated Face For these face types, more than the shape of the frames, the width matters. Oblong faces can choose between versatile ranges of round to square frames, but make sure they are wide and slightly large as it helps to even out the shape.

Your must haves: D-frames, Club-masters and Wayfarers.

5. Heart shape Face. This shape is tricky and most complicated one as it has a wide forehead and narrow chin. They look perfect if they get the right pair of sunglasses that highlights their face shape. The sunglasses which are semi- rimmed and rounded at the bottom and flat above would be their best choice.

Your must haves: Club-masters and Wraps.

It’s no big puzzle to choose the sunglasses anymore, just understand that the shape of the frames should be opposite to your shape of the face so that it gives a proportionate look. Some of the sunglasses which you can blindly count on is Club-masters and Warps.

The most important note is that never choose over-sized glasses, no matter how perfect the frame is.

Images Courtesy:www.pinterest.com

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