Every handsome man has a wardrobe of wonders. The confidence behind every style they carry smoothly are these wardrobe essentials. Own these essentials according to your body type and lifestyle to be super stylish always.

1. Use the whites wisely A formal white shirt is every man’s best friend. This can be teamed with formal suit and also with blue denim for a perfect casual look. White stands for versatility and so will the person who wears it.

2. Chemistry of Colognes An alluring odor is a first impression for a man. The fragrance says it all, they might not remember how you look but will remember your perfume. Yes, even a girl passing close by will surely turn back for the scent. A perfect perfume that complements your look will elevate your style quotient to a large extent.

3. Acing the game of Accessories. An exotic watch is a sign of a well groomed man; it completes the look and adds a classy appeal. Accessorizing is not only restricted for women, as a huge array of options for men are available. A perfect watch is an investment for a charismatic man.

4. Sublime Shoes An outfit looks incomplete without a pair of Classy Shoes. A well polished shiny shoe elevates your overall style. One of the wardrobe must haves is the Brown and Black shoes, they can make or break the look always.

5. Layer it up with Breathtaking Blazers. Layering is always a best option when grooming, It gives a muscular and well built look for men of various body types. Be it casual or formal you are ready to go when you have a blazer hanging in the closet. One of the important aspects to keep in mind while looking for a blazer is its fit.

6. Dramatic Denim How can it not be the denim, it not only gives a swag look at a party but also saves you from a formal meeting at an end moment. Why fear when denim is here? Yes the most comfortable and hassle free clothing to use. Every wardrobe will always have denim, but be wise in choosing the type of denim according to the body type and features.

“STYLE IS A WAY TO SAY WHO YOU ARE WITHOUT HAVING TO SPEAK” Being stylish is who you are not only in as an outlook, but also from within.

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